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Below are a list of FAQ's .. If you have any questions that are not on the list, email us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Q: What is a Pitch?

Your pitch is the way you communicate your movie idea to other people. Perfect your pitch and stand a better chance of opening more doors.

Q: Can I Pitch a TV Show?

Not at this moment in time.

Q: Are the creative elements of my Pitches made public?

Never. All of the information you input is only stored locally on your device and is not shared with anyone other than you. For more information on this topic, please see the Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use.

Q: Can I share my Pitches with people from the app itself?

Not at this time, however in the future, you will be able to create a profile and connect your account to collaborators or friends.

Q: How Many Pitches can I create at once?

Is there a Maximum? There is no maximum. You can create and store as many pitches as you have!

Q: Can I email my pitch to a colleague or friend?

Not at this time, however in the future the ability to share a full Movie Pitch Pro Project Profile will make this possible. Stay informed about feature updates. Movie DNA

Q: I don’t know what one of the Movie DNA mean, what do I do?

There is a lot of information that goes into your Film DNA, for a little help understand or contextualizing the various DNA criteria, please check out our Film DNA Glossary.

Q: I want to enter a Movie DNA input, but what I need isn’t an option, what do I do?

Movie Pitch Pro was built to reflect Industry Standard story, character and marketing elements. All inputs into the DNA are interdependent. If you enter a Genre, the choices you will get for sub genre and Core detail will be based on that. Another example would be, if you choose the Target Audience Age as 10 and under, the option to choose a rating of R is removed. If you feel like you should have access to a particular DNA input that is not available to us, let us know about it!

Q: I want to recommend a Movie DNA input to use in the App, Can I?

Yes! In fact, we encourage as much constructive criticism and feedback as possible. The entire management staff at Movie Pitch Pro is openly aware there are going to be improvements to our tool over time. Maybe you have an idea on one of those improvements!

Q: Will there be any new Movie DNA added to the App in the future?

Absolutely! As it stands, we have designs for further developing the Film DNA to its fullest potential! Stay informed about feature updates

Q: Can I Print the Movie DNA from one of my Pitches?

Not at this time, however it is a commonly requested feature and we are hard at work trying to implement this ASAP! Stay informed about feature updates The Pitch Line

Q: What is The Pitch Line?

Imagine a Logline that actually conveyed all the key information needed for an executive to determine if your pitch is for them. That’s the Pitch Line. Put yourself in the shoes of a development executive. Hearing the cool creative elements are great, but only AFTER they have determined if the project matches their business model. Budget size, Target audience age, Target Audience Gender, Genre and others inform them if it’s a film they can and want to make. If they are still listening after the Pitch Line, then you can explain more of the creative elements.

Q: How Do I use the Pitch Line?

Pitching a movie is a sales process. The Pitch Line is the introductory statement that helps contextualize the type of project you have, how much it will cost and who it is for. The Power of the Pitch Line is it helps expedite the sales process. If you use the Pitch Line right up front

Q: Can I customize the Pitch Line created for me by Movie Pitch Pro?

Not only can you customize your Pitch Line, we encourage it! The information provided are the important things to say, how you say it should always be in your own words!

Q: What else do I need to know about the Pitch Line?

A powerful Pitch Line is a big key to your projects sales efforts. Whether you’re a writer looking to sell your script, a Director looking to get your film set up or a film financier trying to build the right business around your project, the Pitch Line is the first line of communication about what your project is. The Example Films

Q: What are the example films?

When you are trying to describe a film, or anything for that matter, using examples and comparisons are a good way to help convey your message. Using these examples make all the difference in the pitch process. For example, if I were to tell you I am making a mid-level budget sci-fi adventure for young adults, your mind could fill in the blanks about what that movie is from an endless set of comparisons. Is it Blade Runner? John Carter?Something else? But if I tell you I am making a mid-level budget sci-fi adventure for young adults, think ‘Armageddon’ meets ‘Gravity’ – you have a much clearer idea of the movie I want to make.

Q: How do I use the example films in a pitch?

Use the example movies in conjunction with your Pitch Line. Set the stage for the rest of the pitch by providing a clear sense of the type of end product you are going for. Talking about your strong female lead will be more meaningful if you have made clear the type of film your making.

Q: What If I Don’t See the exact movies I want to use?

We encourage you to use the best films to help sell your project! If they are not options in your pitch at this time, keep checking back, as our database will be expanding on an ongoing basis! Stay informed about feature updates The Results Lists

Q: How do you determine who is on my results list?

The very heart of what Movie Pitch Pro offers comes from the top secret, proprietary algorithm that we have developed based on data from the entire film industry. While we won’t reveal too much about the actual formula, we can say that the formula analyzes over 3,500 points of data for every potential entry on your results list. The formula accounts for development directives from each company, and uses historical, industry wide data to generate the most accurate ranked, and targeted results list available.

Q: Can I remove an entry from one of my results list?

Not at this time, however, this feature is in development and should be part of an update release soon! Stay informed about feature updates.

Q: Can I sort or filter my results they way I want to see them?

Not at this time, however, this feature is in development and should be part of an update release soon! Stay informed about feature updates.

Q: I want to pitch to an entry on my results list, how can I do that?

Movie Pitch Pro has made several key partnerships with companies that can facilitate direct contact information. Check out the ‘Next Steps’ section in the Analytics section of the app*. * A subscription is required to gain access to the Analytics section of the app

Q: Why doesn’t Movie Pitch Pro provide contact information to the companies and people on my list?

At this time, Movie Pitch Pro does not offer contact information. In order for us to make this information available, we would insist on gathering the contacts from each person or company directly, to ensure the most accurate data was being made available. As you can imagine, this is a time consuming process. Since we won’t settle on aggregating data from third party sites around the internet, we have only one choice; obtain the information for over 1 Million companies and people directly. We have begun this process, but at this time, we have no scheduled date for this data being available. Stay informed about feature updates

Q: Will Movie Pitch Pro ever provide contact information for the entries in my results lists?

While we are working on gathering the data, we are not certain when or if that will happen. Movie Pitch Pro is a research tool first and foremost. We are in the business of generating good leads for filmmakers and providing the best possible analytics to inform them about their prospects.

Q: Will you add other results categories in the future?

Absolutely! Some notable categories forthcoming are; Foreign Sales Agents and companies, Producers Reps, Bond Agencies, Soft Money Lenders and more! Stay informed about feature updates The Analytics

Q: What are the analytics?

As with any sales process, you will want to know as much about the person or company you are selling to. This will prepare you to frame up your pitch to be more in line with their business history. As important, you will have the information to be able to overcome objections as they come up. If you go into a meeting with a company that is a great fit for your project, except they have never made a film in your budget range, you’ll know that going in and can over come that concern before it even becomes an issue! Please note, Movie Pitch Pro has only published a limited data set at this time and will be adding new analytics to each update, so stay informed about feature updates.

Q: How do I use the information provided in the analytics?

There are a lot of ways to use the data provided in the analysis, far too much to discuss here. In the near future, we will have a full tutorial on the use of the analytics. Stay informed about feature updates. Subscription

Q: What is the subscription for?

Every month, the entire database of films, companies and individuals in the movie Pitch Pro app are updated to reflect the most recent and comprehensive data available. Keeping up to date on their business activities, film catalogue, development directives and business strategies is imperative to the success of your pitch. Equally as important as the results lists being based on the timeliest data available, are the analytics. For you to be armed with even slightly dated data would be a huge detraction from your likely success.

Q: How much is the subscription?

The App costs $9.99/month. However, for a limited time, Movie Pitch Pro has an introductory offer of $4.99/month!

Q: I want to cancel my subscription, how do I do it?

Canceling your subscription is easy to do. Here are the methods for each device: Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Log into iTunes using the user name associated with Movie Pitch Pro. Go to the ‘Account Information’ panel Go to the Settings > Manage Subscriptions panel Turn the Auto renew feature associated with Movie Pitch Pro to the off position Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase - Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period - Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, with a charge of $4.99/month - Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase - No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period - Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication.

Q: Can I access my subscription from other devices?

Absolutely! Any device that you are logged into with your Apple ID, will provide access to the app.

Q: Can I share access with other people?

We prefer that they buy their own copy.

Q: Can I suspend my subscription?

Yes! Just turn off the Auto Renew function. Learn how to turn off Auto renew.

Q: Will the price for a subscription ever change?

Yes. The introductory offer of $4.99 will revert to the full price of $9.99. Also, in the future, we may change the price. Of course, everyone will be given a ton of advanced notice. Other

Q: What platforms is the app available on?

The App is available on all Iphone 4,5 and 6, IPod and soon available on Ipad.

Q: Do you plan to release it on more platforms?


Q: When do you plan on releasing it on other platforms?

As soon As Possible! Stay informed about feature updates

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