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Movie Pitch Pro is a research tool for established and up-and-coming filmmakers looking to develop, package and pitch to the companies and individuals most likely to be interested in their project. Using charts, graphs, and big data the App will provide in-depth historical business analysis, full filmography and DNA analysis for every entry in its results list.

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Movie Pitch Pro Features

Find People & Companies, Generate Elevator Pitches, Match Similar Movies

Movie DNA

Are the key components which make up your film project. Genre, Story and Target Audience Mapping bring organized clarity to what your film is about and who the primary audience is.

Professional Pitch

An ‘elevator’ pitch is generated using key elements of your project’s Movie DNA and is the foundation for a highly successful, proven pitch method. Use it as a starting point to customize and refine your ‘Pitch Line’.

Comparison Movies

It is important to bring your idea into focus by comparing your project to known films that can help paint the picture of what your film will be like. A list of comparison movies is assembled for you to choose the exact examples you prefer.

Match Meter

Every company or person featured on your projects results lists will have a match meter rating that helps you understand how close of a match they are to your project.

Results List

A targeted list of people or companies likely to be interested in your idea is generated: Executive Producers; Producers; Writers; Directors; Production Companies; Distributors.

Industry Analytics

Each company or person on your results list will have a full set of analytics to help you understand who they are and how they do business. You will be able to lean on the facts about their work history as part of your communication with them.

A Look Inside The App

A few simple steps to find the perfect collaborators for your movie idea!

The Right Pitch
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